In the kitchen, the countertop occupies a special place next to the pavement and the furniture. It is on the countertop where much of the kitchen work is carried out. The countertop is a key decorative and functional element when designing the kitchen of your dreams. Each person has tastes, needs and a budget, that’s why we bring you some types of countertops.


Granite and marble are two great classics in our kitchens. The reasons why they are chosen are their resistance, the durability of this material, the ease of cleaning and conservation. Something more expensive than other materials, give the kitchen a touch of elegance and distinction.


This material made with the mixture of special resins and natural quartz particles, result in a material of great hardness, with some advantage over marble, for example, and above all are more economical. Nor can we forget its varied palette of colors and finishes.


Wood is one of the trends for countertops, but if you are looking for a similar result but much cheaper, the laminate is your ally.

Over time they have become more solid, with greater durability, and you have endless options from the imitation of natural stones to the classic imitation of wood. A good placement and insulation is the key to your laminated countertop lasting years in perfect condition.


The wood is a noble material with multiple decorative utilities, but if something stands out it is for its naturalness, for its warmth and the variety of finishes.

For the kitchen, which is an area very exposed to humidity, heat and impacts, it is best to choose high quality solid wood countertops, made with beech, oak or walnut woods.


This is an unusual material and very strongly when decorating a kitchen. Excellent maintenance, durability and cleanliness, hence it is normative for many establishments dedicated to gastronomy. If you are one of the people who prefer an industrial touch to your kitchen design, this is your countertop material.


The latest in countertops is undoubtedly this new material, where technology and quality come together to leave us these porcelain countertops. But what exactly is this new material and what can it give us? In this new material, the advantages of glass and stone are combined, obtaining a uniform, strong and durable product, obtained through a process of dissolution and crystallization of ceramics and silicon particles.

It does not burn and of great hardness, very functional, with a very simple maintenance and with high resistance.