Our bussiness proyect is orientated to the construction sector.
With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in new construction, rehabilitation and renovation, as well as real estate management.

Satisfying each and every one of our clients and adapting to their needs is our main objective.

Our consolidated experience and the highly qualified team that forms PTORAL, distinguish our work in the sector.

In our long professional trajectory, we have designed and executed both public and private works, from infrastructures to small reforms. Today we are a benchmark company in the construction and real estate sector, both in the interior of the Valencian and Murcia regions, and on the Costa Blanca.



The motivation of PTORAL is based on the desire to strengthen knowledge, anticipate and progress constantly to offer the best service to our customers by providing more efficient and innovative solutions and carrying out projects that mean new professional and technological challenges.

The consolidation and expansion are the features that define us in the sectors in which we develop our professional activity based on an Innovation and Investment strategy to achieve opportunities without geographical limitations.


The excellence as PTORAL’s corporate culture and the ambition to always overcome ourselves in our projects makes us one of the benchmark companies in the sector

Commitment to quality. Each of our actions must be part of an optimal service to the client and society in general, therefore, we commit ourselves to the realization of projects, products and services that respect the environment and are safe for people.


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